14 Essential Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for All Year Round (to keep your gutters looking great!)

Autumn is the most important season to take care of your gutters – but did you know that year-round gutter maintenance can save you time and money? 

By keeping an eye on your gutters to identify and fix problems early on, you can make sure they don’t become major issues. In this guide we share with you our exclusive tips for keeping your gutters in the best condition throughout all four seasons.


1. Safety is the top priority

Before you begin, make sure you have the right tools and are confident you can perform the task safely. If you’re going up a ladder, make sure someone is there to support you and always double check its safety and stability. Thick gloves and protective eyewear are essential for safe gutter cleaning and can be found at hardware stores. Always ask for professional help if you’re not physically fit or fully confident.

2. Start with a visual inspection

Visually inspect your downpipes and gutters for any issues that need urgent attention. For major gutter repairs, it is best to call a professional. All Type Roofing, Gutters and Verandahs can give you a free measure and quote for gutter repairs.

3. Clean your gutters of leaves and debris

At the end of Autumn, clean your gutters of any leaves and debris which have built up over this period. This will ensure that your gutters will be able to work to their full potential – with no blockages – when it rains in Winter.

4. Clear obstructions

When cleaning your gutters, make sure to clear your downpipes and guttering of any obstructions to immediately reduce the risk of water backing up.


5. Clear remaining leaves

During the Winter months, be prepared for leaves to continue falling, for rainfall to be moderate to high and for air temperatures to reduce, which can increase the difficulty of gutter maintenance. Towards mid-winter clear any remaining leaves that may have fallen into your gutters.

6. Identify leaks or breaks

Increased rainfall during the winter months can be used to your advantage to identify any leaks or small breaks in your gutters. Often you can do this simply by looking at how your gutters and downpipes are operating in wet weather so keep an eye on things and note if anything worsens. 

7. Repair issues immediately

If you identify any issues with your gutters, get them fixed ASAP. Small problems can become big problems fast, and can cost you in the long-run.


8. Don’t forget about your gutters!

With warmer weather comes less rainfall and gutter problems are often forgotten about however, Spring is a crucial time for gutter maintenance. Make sure you don’t forget to check on your gutters!

9. Get on top of garden maintenance

Do a visual check of trees that are in close proximity to your gutters and which have branches that may put your gutters at risk of more obstructions. Pruning trees and bushes prevents loose branches, twigs and leaves falling into guttering and causing obstructions. 

10. Make your gutter repairs

Spring is the perfect time to fix any damage that was sustained over Winter as gutter repairs are best made in dry weather conditions. For extensive damage, call in the help of a professional to get their advice before proceeding with repairs.

11. Spring clean gutters and drainpipes

Add gutters and drainpipes to your spring cleaning list. Use an antifungal product to clean away moss and algae from the outside of your guttering. Ask for expert help if you’re unsure of how to do this or what to use. 


12. Look for corrosion

Gutter maintenance is generally less frequent in summer months but it’s important to keep a lookout for any signs of corrosion that may appear and repair before Autumn.

13. Check for joint leaks of your gutters

Checking for leaks at the joints in your guttering by using a hose and water. Getting ahead of the weather can save you time and money in the long-run so don’t put off work. 

14. Clear any leaf traps

Get prepared for Autumn by clearing leaf traps. It only takes a few minutes and will save you time, money and stress for the future. If leaf traps are hard to access, make sure you use a ladder safely or ask for help in reaching them.

Got the tips? 

Now you’ve got the inside tips to gutter maintenance, you know the importance of looking after your gutters all year round. By regularly keeping an eye out for any potential problems, you will save money, time and lots of unnecessary stress!