6 Signs You Need New Gutters

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll want to know how to avoid small problems developing with your gutters that could lead to bigger issues. Knowing how to spot the signs that you need new gutters and maintaining your current gutters could help save you both money and stress.

Here are 6 tell tale signs that your gutters need replacing.

1. Cracks and Holes

It can be tempting to simply cover these up with sealant and think they’re fixed. This can be OK, however you really need to keep an eye on them. If there are numerous sections with cracks and holes, you should start to think about replacing your gutters.

2. Separation

If you think about it, gutters can only work effectively when they’re joined together into a continuous channel for the water to flow along. When gutters separate from each other, they can sometimes be joined back together. If separation occurs frequently though, it’s time for new gutters.

3. Peeling Paint

Keep an eye on the exterior paint on the walls of your property. This could be a sign that your gutters are pulling away from the roof and water is seeping down over the edge onto your siding. Don’t ignore peeling paint or simply paint over it – it could be hiding a bigger issue.

4. Rust

Rust should always ring alarm bells when it comes to gutters. If you have gutters made of galvanized steel which start to rust, it means that the protective coating has started to come off. Be aware of any rust forming or even if you spot orange colouring around areas of your gutter – it could be time to get them replaced.

5. Mildew

Spotting water and mildew around the foundation of your home could be a sign that your gutters need replacing. This is because water is not being channeled away efficiently by your gutters and is ending up in puddles or developing into mildew.

6. Sagging Gutters

Generally if your gutters have started to sag it means that they have become too heavy or are too full of water. They have shifted from the correct position and they won’t be functioning properly. This means you should seriously consider replacing your gutters.

Have a think about your home. The location of your property could help you understand the pressure your gutters are under – whether you live in an area with heavy rainfall, or if you have a tree that regularly drops leaves and debris into your gutters, which needs to be cleared.

Never ignore problems with your gutters – keeping an eye on them and knowing the signs is the best way to keep your home functioning efficiently.

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